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We currently don’t have any opportunities at the moment but thank’s for stopping by, why don’t you send us your CV so that we can keep it on file?

All future opportunities will be advertised on our Group of Companies website 


Working at Crestmoor is a fast paced environment but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun and engaging too?

We offer competitive career options here with the doors open wide to you if you wish to learn new skills.

Flexi Time

We offer our team the option to take time off when they aren’t teaching our lovely delegates and put this time in as Flexi, this free’s up their holiday so they don’t have to use it for boring things like the dentist!


You’ll get your own desk, laptop and uniform that will help to you excel when your working at our Head Quarters in Somerset. Don’t worry it’s only a shirt so you can wear jeans!


Holiday! Everyone loves putting their feet up so that’s why we give you 28 day’s paid holiday!


Isn’t it ironic that this last box say’s training and we are a training company? We will make sure you are trained and have the right tools for the job.